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From the moment we are born into this world we are conditioned to believe various things about love, some of them conflicting. I'm curious to find out what you people believe when it comes to love and why you do so.

I have a few questions I'd like you to answer:

1) What is love to you?
2) Can love be eternal or not?
3) What is a necessary basis for a functioning romantic relationship?
4) Is there such a thing as a soul mate?
5) What is your opinion on the latest "love trend" that creates a lot of drama and conflict: the friend zone?

Discuss away!
Hey there,
Do you experience a lot of difficulty creating eloquent and wonderful poems on Deviantart?
Do you often read poems on this website that garner huge amounts of views, but yours only get five?
Well look no further, because good ol' Nighty is going to give you some help writing poems that everyone on this website wants to read!
And if you question my credentials, don't worry! I have more than ten thousand pageviews!
So here are five easy steps that will guarantee more people favouriting your poems:

So before you begin writing your poem you have to find a subject, something you want to write about! Well, Deviantart is filled with (self-diagnosed) depressed and insecure people and that's your audience!
That's why you need to pick a subject like depression, insecurity or worry. You need to pick a subject that your audience can relate with and connect to. Only then will they want to read it and we all know that poets are there to serve their audiences!

Now that you have your subject you need to find ways to talk about it without coming across as too boring or repetitive. That's why we use metaphors! A metaphor is an image or a symbol that you  use to talk about your subject. Rather than saying you are sad you should say that in your world it rains all the time. It gives your poem that extra oomph!
Some popular metaphors that are guaranteed to attract new fans are the weather, the boogeyman, monsters in general, something black or dark and of course your body breaking apart. That way you can physically describe how you mentally feel!

Now that we know what to write I want to talk about how we write it. Most poems tend to have rules which are meant to make the poem sound better and more powerful. But those rules are extremely restricting! Rhyming structures, stanzas, iambic pentameters, who cares about those silly rules?!
A poem is most original when you just write the words down. Use Freeverse all the time! It makes the poem come across as more original and more you! Power lies in just writing, not following some old rules!

So we have our subject, we have our metaphors and we don't follow the rules. So what's next? The length, that's what! Now, poems are at their best when they're long. And when I mean long I mean reaaaaaalllllyyyyy long! It doesn't matter that you essentially repeat yourself over and over again with different metaphors, you need to make sure that your audience really gets how you feel. So it's always better to write that one extra stanza!

So after fifteen stanzas of writing about how you blame yourself for your cat not wanting to cuddle with you it's time for you to write the end. And at the end of your poem you need to show some positivity! You need to show that whatever problems you have can be fixed and that you are working on them. Show that you are above your pesky cat! You need to demand respect and admiration from your audience, because that is the only way you will make them come back! You are above them and their problems. You are better than them. And you need to show that! So anyone who criticises your poems is nothing but a boring hater who has no social life and feels better by attacking others. The only way that you can make them realise this is by telling them that! After all, you can't fix a problem if you don't know about it, right?

And now you know everything there is to know about improving the quality of your poems on this website we call Deviantart. So start writing you silly goose! Show the rest of the community how awesome you are! And with these five steps that I have given you it is only a matter of time before you will be at the very top of the Deviantart community

Warning: This text may not have the proper results even if you follow it to the letter. Nightreign123&co is not responsible for any failures or bans you encounter while following these rules. That's because we are just that much better than you and actually know how to write good and eloquent poems!
How to Write Good Poems on Deviantart
With my guide YOU will learn how to write good poems in no time. So what are you waiting for? Read the guide, favourite it, follow me and adore me like I'm a kitten whose previous owner abused him!
So I decided to buy a Nintendo 3DS today because I really wanted to play Omega Ruby (Groudon FTW). I originally didn't want to buy one for a long time as 170 euros wasn't worth the two or three games I'd play on it (Pokémon games), but I finally caved as the Pokémon nerd in me remembered all the nostalgic memories when playing on my favourite Pokémon games, which is the Ruby/Sapphire generation.

So I go to the website of a game store nearby and find out that they have a Pokémon sale. For 209 euros I'd get a white Nintendo 3DS, Pikachu cover plates and Alpha Sapphire already downloaded. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me. But at the store the clerk told me that I wouldn't get a charger as it wasn't included (apparently they weren't included in the regular Nintendo 3DS either). He asked me if I had any other charger and I answered that I had a charger from my Nintendo DS and he said that those should work. I knew that if I wanted a new charger I would have to buy one and I didn't have enough money on me for that. I had brought enough with me to buy the Nintendo 3DS and Pokémon Y, which was around 255 euros in total mind you. Not exactly cheap...
So I come home, go about my daily routine of school work and other stuff and when evening came I decided to play Pokémon Y. After about three to four hours the batteries start dying on me, so I get my old charger to plug it in and recharge the thing. Turns out my old charger isn't compatible with the latest Nintendo console. It turns out that only the Nintendo DS Lite has a charger that is compatible with the 3DS...

So now I'm going to have to go back to the store and shell out another 8,50 euros to buy something that I feel should be included when you buy the damn thing itself. I'm not entirely sure what kind of sale tactics Nintendo is having here, but this is bullshit...
Now I would understand if the 3DS was only around 100 euros, but this thing was more expensive than the Nintendo DS when it was new... AND I got a charger with that.

Fucking greedy Nintendo... No wonder they're losing customers left and right...

TL;DR: I bought a Nintendo 3DS, they said that my old charger would work and it doesn't. Now I need to spend another 8,50 euros on something that should've been given with the Nintendo 3DS in the first place...

Anti-complaint: At least the game store isn't that far. It'll take me half an hour to go there and buy the damn charger if I bike there.

Question: The Nintendo 3DS as I got it lasted for about three and a half hours before I had to recharge it. Is this the usual amount of time that these things can work before you need to recharge it or does it last a lot longer after your first recharge?

EDIT: I've bought a charger by now, so I guess my first world problem is over. Time to continue training my Braixen.
Mother: Son, I'm going to go to the supermarket. Do you need anything?
Me: Nope.
Mother: Are you sure?
Me: Yes, I am.
Mother: Absolutely sure?
Me: Absolutely sure...
Mother: Really really absolutely sure?
Me: Yes! I am absolutely certain that I don't need anything from the supermarket. I do not require anything from the place called the supermarket. Nothing needs to be purchased from that place where you will do your shopping. Buying nothing from that place would please me a lot!
Mother: Okay, fine... I heard you the first time...
One trip to the supermarket later...
Mother: Hey son, I got you that thing you wanted.

Compare this to my father:

Father: Son, I'm going to go to the supermarket. Do you need anything?
Me: Nope.
Father: Okay, cya later.
And that's the end of the story.

Thank you father, for speaking the language I do!
This is just a philosophical musing of mine, but I wonder what will happen in terms of homosexual married couples divorcing now that they're legally allowed to marry in the US. Are they going to divorce just as much as straight couples (which is between 50% and 75% of the marriages if you look at the stats) or are they going to divorce less? Maybe even more? 

And if there are any differences in that, what is the cause of these differences? I think that from a sociological and psychological point of view this might becomes a very interesting field of study to start experimenting with. I really believe we can learn a bit more about marriages and romantic relationships now that a homosexuals can marry without all the fuss and nonsense.

And I also wonder how divorces will work. In a straight divorce it's very simple: the woman gets special treatment, but how would that work if both people are guys or both people are women? I guess it depends on a number of factors, like whether both parties work or whether one of them is a stay-at-home dad/mom who raises the adopted/in vitro children. I think this too could be an interesting sociological concept to study and observe.

So yeah, post any thoughts you want here. Let's have a non-religious discussion in this forum for a change.

You know, I really hate Days of Our Lives, but I always have to listen to it because my godmother adores the sitcom. Based on what I hear and the ocassional scene I do see I think I can say the following about the cast:

1) All the women in this show are manipulative, lying cunts who are either trying to fuck over someone else or who are trying to hide their own fuck-up.
2) Half the men in this show are manipulative, lying dicks who are either trying to fuck over someone else or who are trying to hide their own fuck-up. The other half are some of the dumbest morons I have ever seen in my entire life and are usually the victims of all the manipulation.

But that isn't really the worst thing about this goddamn sitcom. The very worst thing is the dialogue, which is why I absolutely loathe listening to it. You see, rather than talking to each other like realistic people everyone in this goddamn sitcom thinks he or she is a psychologist and therefore they all spend a great deal psycho-analyzing each other in front of their faces. Who, besides me ( = the weird guy), does that in real life?

But people love their junk, I guess. Now psycho-analyze away!

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